Monday, March 9, 2015

You want these people influencing your children, don't you?

March 9, 2015

The title of this page is sarcastic.

Those are pictures from today of an article about Rihanna whose search result is on the first page of Yahoo search results for her name.

Rihanna is the voice of a teenage girl in the 2015 cartoon movie produced by Dreamworks called "Home."  The movie also stars a purple alien named "Oh" with a dot on its chest and a "C" shape on the left side of the dot.  The movie will be in theaters on March 27th.

That's a picture from today of part of the first page of Leonardo DiCaprio's Facebook.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna have been dating for a few months.  For some reason, years ago, possibly as early as 2005, Mr. DiCaprio decided he had a crush on me.  When I was made aware of his feelings in 2010, I did not feel the same way, nor have I ever felt the same way. Largely because of my lack of interest in him, and the money and publicity that he and many of his fellow actors, and the entire entertainment industry, can give to politicians, I have since been persecuted past what a human being should have to endure.  

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